Procrastination is a bitch!

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I have a dream!

It is nothing as grand as what Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt about when he made that speech nearly 50 years ago … but it is a dream nonetheless.

I want to be a writer and I want to get published. Part one I have already achieved. I write, therefore I am … or rather, therefore I am a writer. That second part though is the tricky one. Because in order to get published, I first need to finish a novel. I am not even talking about having something publishable, or doing edits, drafts and what not. I am talking about sitting on my ass and just writing the damn thing.

Because I am not only a writer, but also a master procrastinator. Give me something to do and I’ll find you something I’d much rather do instead.

Getting published is easy these days … just slap something together, throw it up on Amazon’s Kindle and you’re done and published. Or print it through a print-on-demand company and you can even hold a real book in your hands with your name on it. But getting to the part where you hit “send” on any such platform ain’t that easy.

Just look at this blog. It’s been nearly a month since my last post. It is the same with my fiction writing. I participated in Chuck Wendig’s first flash fiction challenge, got halfway through a story for his next challenge … and that was that. For #3 I didn’t even have an idea, #4 (the “Baby Pulp” thing) is one of my favorite genres (pulp … not babies) and yet I haven’t gotten around to putting something together for it.

I have 2 novella projects currently in the works. Both are projected to around 25-30,000 words. One is action adventure pulp, one is a noir detective story. Yet, even with word counts way shy of a full length conventional novel I still don’t manage to sit down and just write the damn stuff …

That aforementioned dream of course also includes getting paid for my stuff and one day in the far future actually live off of it. I’ll probably dance a very happy dance once I make my first sale …

Right now though I’d dance happily if I’d manage to finish one of these novellas …

Procrastination is a bitch!

It is about time I make procrastination MY bitch!

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