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And here is another try to resurrect my blog. Today I try it with participating in another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig.

The task was to find 3 random photos on Flickr, and incorporate them into a story. Somehow I ended up with these 3:




So I rummaged around in my head for a few minutes and then banged out this piece. Its 994 words. Enjoy.

Very slowly, Sam took the lid off the glass casing. He held his breath for a second and waited for any alarms to go off. Nothing. Apparently he had cut off the right wire.

Now he put the lid down, careful not to trip one of the lasers down there. Then he put his hand in the jar and pulled out the pocket watch that was on the display. Still nothing.

But then a light started blinking and he could hear a slight buzzing.


He stepped away from the casing and ran, still trying to avoid any other security measures. The lasers would trap him in the building if he triggered them. For a moment he wondered, why the silent alarm didn’t trigger any security doors, but then he pushed that thought to the back of his mind and continued getting out of there.

Out in the hallway were the elevators. Usually the alarm would shut them off, but when Sam pressed the button, a cabin arrived a little later. He stepped in and pressed the button for the parking garage. When he had scouted the place, he had seen that there were always at least a few cars parked there over night. One of those would be his getaway car.

The elevator was painfully slow and the jazz playing softly in the background wasn’t helping any. Sam enjoyed a fine jazz tune as much as the next guy, but right now his adrenaline was a bit high, so he couldn’t appreciate the music.

His gaze was fixed to the floor counter above the door. The light went from one floor to the next with excruciating slowness. Finally he arrived at the parking garage. The doors had barely opened, when he squeezed through and ran towards the valet’s booth.

Once in the booth he opened the key locker and randomly picked out a key from among the dozen or so hanging there. The parking garage was mostly empty, save for a few cars here and there. The key had an Audi logo on it. It didn’t take him long to find the car, a beautiful black R8, tucked away in a corner spot.

With a grin on his face, Sam opened the door, threw his satchel on the passenger seat and slid behind the wheel. The engine came to life with a low sounding growl.

Sam steered the car towards the exit. Of course the gate was closed at this time of the night. He rummaged through the glove box for a moment, but didn’t find a key card. Nothing behind the sun shield either.

Police was still a few minutes out, if that alarm even alerted them in the first place. One look at the gate showed that it wasn’t very heavy; he probably could break through it with the car. Yet he didn’t want to ruin the Audi or damage it and have it break down five minutes later. Sam looked around.

‘Yes, that will do.’

He smiled and put the Audi in reverse. In a straight line he went back to the valet’s booth, jumped out of the car and rifled through the key locker for a moment until he found the right key. Time was of the essence, so he ran through the garage at top speed and jumped behind the wheel of a red Ford GT. White racing stripes ran from front to back. Another fine car, but he preferred the Audi. Fine German engineering over raw American muscle.

The Ford’s growl was a little louder and more insistent. He pulled the car in place, but the break down and gunned the accelerator. The wheels started spinning and smoke was rising behind him. After a few seconds of this he released the break and the Ford jumped forward. Almost immediately its run ended again as it crashed through the gate and took it clean off its hinges. Sam stopped and stepped out of the car. The front of the GT had surprisingly few scratches, but that didn’t matter right now. He ran back to the Audi, jumped in and sped out of the garage.

Once on the street, he turned left and floored it. The 5.2 liter V10 roared loudly and Sam was pressed into the back of his seat. He managed to get the beast under control and barreled down the street. After speeding over a few intersections he calmed down a bit, the adrenaline rush slowly fading. Now safely a few blocks away from the crime scene he didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention.

He smiled. On top of the watch he came for he also got himself a nice new ride. But the enjoyment didn’t last long. He had nearly crossed the next intersection, when something very big and heavy hit the rear right side of the car. Sam lost control of the Audi, which spun around a few times before crashing into a parked car on the other side of the intersection.

From there he had a perfectly good view of what had hit him just a second ago.

“What the …?”

Right in the middle of the intersection stood a battle tank. At the moment its gun turret started to turn, until the 120 mm smoothbore was trained directly on the crashed Audi. Sam swallowed. What a bizarre way to end his life. Killed by tank fire. While the turret turned he saw a few markings on the side of the tank.

‘Wait, what was a German tank doing in the middle of an American city?’ he asked himself.

Now the gun turret stopped, its muzzle pointing straight at him. But instead of a grenade obliterating him, a small hatch opened at the top of the thing. An old man in uniform appeared and climbed out of the vehicle. He slowly walked over to the Audi and looked through the broken door window at Sam.

“I believe you have something of mine?”

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