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Ironhide grew desperate. The Menites were closing in. To his right the Avatar of Menoth was lingering and terrorizing his troops. Up front one of his full blood trolls had just succumbed to a Dervish slicing him up. His champions had died one by one. Nearly all of his Kriel Warriors were already gone. It wouldn’t be long before his troops were overrun and defeated.

It was time for one last play. He send a few of the scribes towards the Avatar, to prevent the hulking machine from crushing his right flank completely. Then he spotted something through the bushes and hedges. Moving closer he saw Amon, the Menite warcaster, just standing there, his chain ball at the ready.

Madrak saw his lone chance to turn the table in this battle. He inched forward and gathered all his strength. He picked up Rathrok, heaved it over his head and threw it at Amon. The look on the enemy warcasters face was one of total suprise as suddenly a huge axe struck him dead center in the chest.

Madrak just sunk to the ground, happy to have survived this ordeal. He rallied what was left of his troops and secured the area. The Menites were retreating in complete shock after the loss of their leader.

The above was a surprise victory in a game that my opponent completely dominated otherwise.

Lets give you a quick recap of the past few games. 4 losses, 3 victories. So after my 3 game winning streak earlier and a few more losses I have a 6-6 record for my last 12 games. If I am an NBA team, I’d be at a .500 winning percentage for those past 12 games. Not enough for the playoffs, but a considerable uptick from the record before – 1-19. Which makes it a 7-25 record overall – or a .218 winning percentage. I’d still be headed for the lottery in the NBA.

Which reminds me. I was thinking about a league similar to pro sports leagues. With trades and all. Maybe I’ll flesh out that idea at some point and do a blog post.

The 3 victories:

eMadrak vs. Amon

Bartek wanted to give his Amon list another run and I wanted to test eMadrak before the tournament a few days later. Bartek had this game. He should have won via scenario. He had killed my Kriel Warriors, the Axer was gone, most of the Champions were gone. All I could do was run over the Krielstone Scribes to contest the flag Amon was standing at.

Almost as an after thought I moved Madrak closer to Amon and threw Rathrok. Boosted hit and boosted Damage. Killed him with this one shot, as the Devout was a millimeter out of range for shield guard.

That was a surprise ending for both of us.

eDoomshaper vs. High Reclaimer

A few days later I played a tournament. 4 games in one day. 3 lists. I brought eMadrak, eDoomshaper and the Gunnbjörn list from the last post. The game vs. the High Reclaimer was the second of the day. As I had already played eMadrak in the first round, I thought it best to draw eDoomshaper – Gunnbjörn would have been hopeless vs. the constant smoke screen.

In my third round I had the opportunity to kill the High Reclaimer – if I had remembered that I could have trampled through the smoke clouds. I feated, moved the Axer up to his Bastions, but also with Reach on the Avatar in the center of is formation. A few inches behind the Avatar stood the High Reclaimer. The Axer hit and damaged the Avatar – Enliven triggered and the Avatar moved out of the way. Just as I intended.

I moved Mulg up the middle and started whacking on the Bastions. I wanted to kill one of them, to trigger Goad. I didn’t know about their damage distribution ability. When I finally did kill one of them I moved Mulg up 2 more inches, but didn’t have Reach on either the High Reclaimer or the Piper.

Had I remembered the trample, I easily could have reached the Piper – killed him in one hit, then moved on to kill the High Reclaimer.

So I had to grind it out. I started scoring on the left flank – we played Incursion and my opponent didn’t know the scenario rules very well. In the end I moved eDoomy up there to dominate in the next round and win the game. He came up, feated (I didn’t know about his feat – had I known, that last Bastion from one unit would have died too) and started hitting Doomshaper. I had enough transfers left to barely survive the encounter – then the Dice Down saved me.

I won that game 3-0 in scenario points.

Grim Angus vs. Makeda 3

This was my most recent game. I took my Gunnbjörn List and tweaked it. Two Impalers and the Bomber went out – a Blitzer, Alten Ashley, a Slag Troll and a Thumper Crew went in. Oh and I switched Gunnbjörn out for Grim Angus. Alex wanted to test Makeda 3 again.

It was over pretty fast as well. My first turn I killed one of Makedas companions. His second turn, Makeda moved up and sliced through my Bushwhackers before retreating back to her lines again.

Then it was my turn. I let my Kriel Warriors charge his Incendiarii, with the Caber Thrower slamming one of them over Makeda, knocking her down. Then I let Alten Ashley shoot the other shield guard, have Grim shoot Makeda (for 4 damage), have the Thumper shoot her (rolling boxcars for 7 damage) and finally have the Blitzer finish her off (rolling the needed 11 on 3 dice on the one shot I got).

I didn’t feat, nor did I move to slam Molik out of the zone to score and I failed to kill the Agonizer as well – I was too focused on the caster kill, which could have gone wrong. I wouldn’t have been dead the next turn, but life would have become difficult, especially since I didn’t feat.
Anyways – on to the 4 losses.

eMadrak vs. Lord Carver

That game was right before the Amon victory above – one of two friendlies as a preparation for the tournament. I don’t know much about Minions. He had a tier list – with lots of pigs. In my feat turn I failed to kill Carver, so on his next turn, he got his hands on Madrak and killed him.

I couldn’t do much against this army. I don’t know if it was the wrong list to play against them or if I just didn’t know enough about my enemy.

eMadrak vs. Vyros

That was the first game of the tournament. I drew Vyros and he brought 7 Griffons. One heavy and a unit. He won via scenario, also after the dice down call.

In retrospect I think I drew the wrong list for that one. I should have gone with eDoomshaper. He was scared of Trolls as it was, and I think Doomy and Mulg would have exasperated that feeling. I also would have had an easier time dealing with the Griffons and the heavy jack.

eMadrak vs. Xerxis

Third game of the tournament. We played a scenario with a flag and a round zone. Naturally all our forces ended up in the zone and proceeded to beat the living shit out of each other.

Third game that was decided after the dice down call. It went his way on account of who had more army points in the zone.

This was also the game, where Skaldi put another notch on his hammer. He killed the Tyrant Commander in a counter charge.

I forgot to feat at the right moment and had to feat a round later. I could have taken out a lot more models. Also, if we had more time I might have had a chance to kill Xerxis.

Overall a good game, despite the loss.

Gunnbjörn vs. pMadrak

As I had to draw eMadrak in the Xerxis matchup a round before, I was locked into my Gunnbjörn List for the final game of the tournament. It went as well as you’d expect. I got crushed.

Then again neither the Menoth nor the Skorne matchup in the earlier rounds would have been a good choice to draw the Gunnbjörn list. Maybe in the first game against the 7 Griffons. But that is a big maybe.
Random Thoughts …

I think I will refrain from using Gunnbjörn in a tournament setting, but I will give the Grim Angus list a few more trial runs. That could be a legitimate third list for a tournament. I finished 27th out of 38 at the tournament, which is great. At the last iteration I placed last.

Overall I am very glad that I am winning more games, even if it is through last ditch caster kills. The rest of the year is a pretty light schedule – so don’t expect a lot of battle reports.

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