Swans it is!

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It’s about time, I restart blogging here.

Over 18 months ago, I got back into the game, as you can see in the previous posts. I picked Trolls as my faction for a variety of reasons (not necessarily in that order).

– The models look awesome
– I was able to aquire a significant amount of models from two friends
– The whole thing came fully painted
– I liked the “in your face” playstyle of the Trolls

The whole time I argued, I’d never switch factions or buy a second faction. I didn’t want to develop faction ADD and I loathed the idea of having to buy a complete second faction AND paint it up as well.

On the other hand I said, if I were to ever play another faction, it probably would be Circle. I also said I didn’t really fancy the Focus mechanic of Warmachine and preferred Hordes, which is why I could only imagine playing Circle.

So imagine my surprise when I decided recently to get into Cygnar.

The ranged element of Cygnar appeals to me, as well as the fact that several of their casters are top tier competitively. In the past I disliked Cygnar the most out of all the WM factions, partly because they were the good guys in the story line.

31 : 78

That is my current win/loss ratio since I started recording game results about a year ago. I played Trolls exclusively that whole time. And the losing is starting to get to me. I always maintained I play for fun and stuff, but to be this constantly on the losing end simply sucks.

So I am switching factions for now. Trolls go on the shelf and I will start Cygnar.

Not before one last hurrah, though. Today I am heading to Rotterdam, where I will participate in the European Masters over the weekend. Of course with trolls. Runes of War, eMadrak’s Dude Spam and a shooty eGrim list is what I bring.

Next week I will post the results and the next steps for my faction switch.

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