Heavy Metal Dayz Review, Part 2

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This is part 2 of my Heavy Metal Dayz review – if you haven’t read the first part, click here.

Previously on “Caine’s crazy adventure”: I went 2-1 in the first 3 rounds of the tournament, getting tabled once, winning by scenario once and Trick-shotting Haley 2 to death in the third game. Crazy as it sounds, we as a team were undefeated at that point – one of 6 teams.

Which brings me to:

Game 4 – The ‘It is still a dice game’ Game

We draw team “Diced Cocks”, a few Warhammer converts (who did quite well in Warhammer I am told). And we also draw the video table. You can watch my game here, and if you go to Page5.de’s Channel you can watch the rest of our coverage at Heavy Metal Dayz.

Anyways – we pair off: Cygnar vs. Ret (me), Khador vs. Skorne (Bartek) and Ret vs. Cygnar (Alex). If we win, we go 4-0 and into the semi finals!

Scenario: Extraction

My opponent brought Issyria and Kaelyssa – Alex tells me Caine 2 is good against Kaelyssa, so I draw Caine again. He draws Kaelyssa.

Kaelyssa, The Night’s Whisper – WJ: +29
– Banshee – PC: 18
– Banshee – PC: 18
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2
Arcanist Mechanik – PC: 2
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios – PC: 7
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen – PC: 8
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress – PC: 3
Heavy Rifle Team – Leader & Grunt: 4
Heavy Rifle Team – Leader & Grunt: 4
House Vyre Electromancers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 8
House Vyre Electromancers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 8
Dawnguard Sentinels – Leader & 9 Grunts: 18
– Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard: 4

Bunker – Steamroller Objective

I go second and take the side with the house, where I want to park Caine all game long. He has a forest on his side. My opponent is very careful to always stay away from Caine’s guns and his trick shots. I can never manage to get anything good in range and / or dead. Kaelyssa comes forward occasionally and shoots at my jacks with her Stationary gun, and Refuge back into a forest.

You can watch the game on Youtube – but suffice to say, I wasn’t really satisfied with how it turned out. I held my feat most of the game and at one point had this situation.

Ol’Rowdy is dead, the Stormclad stationary and knock down. There are 2 Sentinels next to the Stormclad, who is standing in front of my objective. I need to kill those two, send the Storm Lances after the rest of the unit and then I can send the Stormclad into the Banshee for at least one hit (had to allocate 2 focus just to shake both effects).

Alas, the 2 sentinels didn’t want to die and there was no clear charge lane for the Stormclad. I didn’t want to risk a POW 12 weapon master hit on my ‘clad, so all he did was kill 1 Sentinel.

The Storm Lances went into the rest of the Sentinels – but I failed to roll a boosted 6 on damage twice and no Sentinel died.

In return, he killed the ‘clad and the Lances and it was pretty much over at that point. I had a faint hope of pressuring him enough so that he’d clock himself, but that didn’t happen either.

Bartek won his game pretty easily, but Alex didn’t. His opponent needed to kill a contesting Imperatus to score his final CP. Baby Haley charges in, hits the jack and rolls 6 6 6 4 on the damage, doing just enough to kill it. He had 9 seconds left on his clock.

So we were 3-1 and out of the running for the tournament victory.


I probably need to commit earlier and maybe feat earlier. If those Sentinels die, its a different game, as I then can send in the Stormclad on the Banshee. He won’t kill her, because of not enough focus, but in turn, she can’t come over to my side either. Even if the ‘clad dies, I can feat off the Banshee next turn, keep him from scoring and then maybe push him into the clock.

Game 5 – The ‘Ravyn is still a thing’ Game

Round 5 pairs us up against Khachamon, a team from the north of Germany as well. They bring Retribution, Legion and Cryx. Both the Ret and Cryx players are WTC level players, the Legion player had won the HMD years before. No easy matchup.

The put up the Cryx player, we put up myself first.

Since I don’t want the Legion player, I choose Ret (for the third time this tournament). Cryx chooses Khador as its opponent, so we have Legion and Ret on the middle table.

Scenario: The Pit

My opponent chooses Ravyn, I drop Caine 2 again. Maddox might have been the better drop, especially when my opponent told me he had never played against her.

Ravyn1 (Ravyn Eternal Light)(-30 Pts.)
* Hyperion (36 Pts.)
Dahlia Hallyr (Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath) (17 Pts.)
* Skarath (0 Pts.)
Mage Hunter Assassin (4 Pts.)
Mage Hunter Assassin (4 Pts.)
Stormfall Archers (9 Pts.)
Stormfall Archers (9 Pts.)
Mage Hunter Strike Force (Leader and 9) (16 Pts.)
* Eiryss3 (Eiryss Mage Hunter Commander) (6 Pts.)
Arcanist (2 Pts.)
Arcanist (2 Pts.)
Objective: Fuel Cache

I win the starting roll and want to go first. Big mistake. That gives my opponent two things. His flag deep in a forest, where his caster can camp all game and I can’t touch her. And a wall right at the edge of the zone, where he can park his colossal.

Pro move all around.

I put up Caine on a hill, without Bullet Dodger. Aaand my opponent feats and goes for the caster kill. Eiryss 3 doesn’t hit, though and he aborts the attempt. Still, Tempest Blazers, Reinholdt and a couple of other troopers die to the Strike Force.

He always keeps Ravyn 4’’ away from everything and focus on her. She is base ARM 16, so its not like I want to try the Trick Shot assassination anyways, but he doesn’t even give me the chance.

I never manage to go after Hyperion. He stays behind a wall most of the game. Eventually I kill all Strike Force and Stormfall Archers, but can’t put a dent in either the Snake or Hyperion. He starts scoring and lets me score as well.

Then a turn later he kills the rest of my army. I had run a Storm Lance near his flag to contest – that one dies to the Snake. The Stormclad was in the middle of the zone – Hyperion killed that pretty easy.

I had nothing left. Only Caine. So all I can do is a) stay at the flag, score 1 more point, but auto lose the game or b) go for a last ditch assassination attempt (5% Hail Mary should be my middle name).

When the snake killed the Storm Lance, he left it in 4’’ of Ravyn. She had 4 focus on her, but that was my only chance of pulling a victory out of my ass. I chewed through her Focus and managed to get her down to 9 boxes, but it was just too much. So I lose.

Since Bartek completely misjudged the Deneghra 1 vs. Butcher 1 matchup, we lost that round as well, despite Alex wiping the floor with Legion.


Don’t drop the wrong list. And whatever you do, don’t give your opponent such a big forest AND that wall. I should have gone second and taken that side. Game might have gone differently.

Game 6 – “The Almost Trick Shot Game”

Final round. We were now down to 3-2 after losing rounds 4 and 5. Going out 4-2 would be great, despite the close losses before. One last chance to get there.

And we draw another WTC player studded team. Kommander Wurschtbrot from Munich. They have Retribution, Protectorate and Trollbloods. I really, really don’t want to play a 4th time against the Elves. We end up with Alex playing the mirror, Bartek taking on Trolls and me getting the Protectorate in the middle.

My opponent had Amon and Severius 1. For the 6th time in a row I decide to drop Caine 2, since both casters only had ARM 14 and I might get to them with Trick Shots. It had worked once before, why not again?

Scenario: Recon

He dropped Amon.

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza – WJ: +29
– Crusader – PC: 10
– Crusader – PC: 10
– Crusader – PC: 10
– Dervish – PC: 7
– Dervish – PC: 7
– Devout – PC: 9
– Devout – PC: 9
– Templar – PC: 15
– Vigilant – PC: 9
Vassal Mechanik – PC: 1
Vassal of Menoth – PC: 3
Wrack – PC: 1
Wrack – PC: 1
Choir of Menoth – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Choir of Menoth – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Choir of Menoth – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4

Objective: Bunker

4 Heavies and 5 Lights pose a significant problem for me. Especially since they are quite fast with Mobility. On the other hand, Amon has ARM 14 – so Trick Shots pose a threat to him as well.

Alas, my opponent was aware of that problem. He kept away from everything and I couldn’t put Trick Shots into him.

I started and moved up the table, as far as I could. His army doesn’t shoot, so I didn’t have to fear anything. Amon cast mobility and went next to the objective, which I couldn’t target in my turn 2.

His jacks ran as far as possible. On one side it was the Templar b2b with a Fortified Crusader, a Devout, the Vigilant and 1 Dervish in the vicinity. On the other side, in a forest, the other 2 Crusaders.

My turn 2. I feat, hoping of taking out one heavy and crippling a second one. I chose the Templar/Crusader pair – a mistake, since they were both protected by Fortify. I do a whopping 4 points of damage to the Crusader. I put 9 shots into him! The Trick Shots into the nearby Dervish did more damage than that.

Le Sigh.

Lances go in afterward, but a few more boxes into the Crusader as well as the Templar. On the right side, the Blazers put boxes into the second Dervish.

In the middle, the Crusaders have a staring contest with my Stormclad. Neither dares venturing forward into the others threat range.

His turn 3. Stuff on my side dies, most notably the Lances.

My turn 3. I send in Ol’Rowdy. Before I do that, I kill the Dervish, but need too much force to pull it off – so Rowdy can’t kill the Templar, as I couldn’t soften him up first. The 3 boxes Death Shot from Eiryss is shield guarded.

His turn 4. Rowdy dies. His forces start moving again. One of the Crusaders moves forward to whack a Ranger and he forgets to activate the second Crusader on that side.

My turn 4. I see my only chance. The power up Focus is enough for the Stormclad – he slams the forward Crusader back and within 4’’ of Amon.

Caine moves up onto a hill and starts putting shots into the Crusader and Trick Shots into Amon. He has 2 Focus and unfortunately a Devout nearby. The Devout is in range of the Crusader, but farther than 4’’ away from Amon.

I leave him on 2 boxes and die the subsequent turn to a Crusader to the face.

Crap. Bartek beats the Troll player, while Alex loses the Retribution mirror. Me killing Amon would have gotten us that 4th victory and myself a 3-3 finish.


I probably could have played a little more agressively. He has no ranged presence, so Caine is not liable to die to a random shot. On the other hand – Amon was behind or in a forest the whole game, even being more agressive wouldn’t have gotten me any closer to him.

That and the fact that I didn’t attrition very well. If I could play a better attrition, Caine can just bully the opposing caster and Amon couldn’t do much without putting himself at risk.


It was our best finish ever, despite losing the last 3 rounds. We were very close to going 4-0, and I would have loved to get that 4th team victory in one of the later rounds. Too bad our dice didn’t agree with us.

I regret not dropping Maddox at least once. Game 1 should have been Maddox, probably Game 5 as well. The others – I don’t know, Caine was probably the best drop into those. I was just to fixated on getting a caster kill that I didn’t play proper attrition. Incidentally enough that was the reason I didn’t start with Caine 2 when I switched to Cygnar 2 years ago. I wanted to learn to play the faction properly, before I tried out Caine.

It seems I need to go back to that attitude now as well. Last weekend I played another tournament – the Eisenhammer, also with Caine 2 and Maddox.

But now, after both tournaments, I am putting both casters on the shelf and will try something else. I started 2 years ago with Siege and Haley 2 – I will go back to both for the moment and probably the next tournament (Ruhrpott Masters at the end of August).

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