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So MK 3 has been out for 2 months now. Every thing is new. Everything is different. Some casters have been nerfed into the ground – or so the internet has us believe. Some factions fell from their mighty throne – *cough*Cryx*cough*.

Last year, around September I bought a few models on a whim – a 2nd unit of Gun Mages, including the UA and a few more Hunter jacks. Reason was, I had heard about that theme force of Caine 1 – Sons of the Tempest.

I played that list a few times and then decided to play it for quite a while, and pair it with its epic incarnation as well. By the time Ace was released a couple of months later, I had zeroed in on 2 lists which I didn’t change and played pretty much exclusively until the release of MK 3. In February, at SmogCon, I came up with a plan – play against every single caster in the game (160+ at the time) with the Sons of the Tempest list. When MK 3 rolled around, I had already checked 39 casters off that list and was dropping Caine 1 into pretty much anything.

I also always wished I would have the time to play every caster in the faction enough games to actually master that caster or at least get a good look at him or her. But there was always another tournament around the corner and I never thought I’d have the time to do it, especially since my vision involved doing nothing but playing Warmachine all day for a couple of months.

But do I really need 2 months off and do nothing but play Warmachine? YES – I would love that. But I don’t need it to go through every caster in the faction, and since I can’t fulfill that “play with SotT against every caster in the game” challenge anymore, why not try this?

I will play every Cygnar caster for at least 10 games.

Which would come out to about the same number of games as the previous challenge. We have 19 casters in the faction – counting Constanze Blaize and newly released Captain Allison Jakes. I own them all, except those 2.

No other rules. Just play every caster in 10 games, be it friendly games or tournament games. No time frame, I am done when I am done.

So far I have played 39 games in MK 3. Both Caine 2 and Beth Maddox have already been in 10+ games (24 for Caine, 12 for Maddox). So those 2 are shelved for a while. I was planning on playing something else anyway.

Next up are Haley 2 and Siege. I haven’t played either of those in over a year (Siege at the HMD ‘15, Haley 2 in April ‘15), so that should be fun. I have another tournament coming up in 2 weeks, where I will take those two.

I am really excited for all of this and can’t wait to play every caster. Not everyone is top tier, but I believe you can build a solid list with every single caster in the faction. I am already thinking of the Nemos, Kraye, Darius – well, everyone really.

I’ll keep a running tally on Twitter and will publish write ups of those 10 games for each caster. Write ups for Caine 2 and Maddox will go live in a few days.

Have any suggestions for lists and/or caster pairings for this challenge? Drop me a comment or hit me up on Twitter.

One comment to Challenge Accepted!

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