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So after a hiatus of about a month I finally played some Warmachine again last week. This time at our club – something we call “Fratzengeballer”. You can’t really translate that properly into english. It basically means, “getting your face bashed in”.

We were 12 people. My Siege list still needed 1 game, so I brought that. And I tested out a brand new Stryker 2 list, which I “borrowed” from the Belgians. Although my Nemo 1 list still has 4 games to go, I decided to bring this Stryker list:

Stryker2 -28
– Stormclad 18
– Thorn 13
Journeyman Warcaster 4
– Firefly 8
Storm Lances (Leader and 4) 20
Storm Lances (Leader and 4) 20
Major Katherine Laddermore 8
Major Harrison Gibbs 4
Ragman 4
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord 4

Objective: Fuel Cache

Since this was a 3 round event, DC = 0, I planned on playing Stryker 3 times, no matter the opponent. I’ll find some other opportunity for that Siege list to have its last game.

Round 1 – The “Damn, I should have lost” Game

I get paired against someone, who’s nick is “Cornholio”. I have played against Bernd before, at Heavy Metal Dayz (The “my opponents big mistake” Game). This time he brought Kaelyssa and Vyros 1.

I felt comfortable in dropping Stryker into this, he drew Kaelyssa. We played Take & Hold.

I start and do the usual – run up. He does as well, and manages to shoot a Storm Lance with the snipers. In my turn I had a great plan of shooting 2 Sentinels and putting Rebuke on the unit first – I managed to shoot one, triggering Vengeance. I did put on Rebuke, thinking Kaelyssa would have to use her dispell shot on the unit – forgetting about Banishing Ward.

He just moves into position and doesn’t do a whole lot. The Sentinels go into their minifeat, the Banshees move towards his flag. He feats as well. So I can’t charge, and everything has Stealth in his CTRL.

I feat – go in with the Lances on the Sentinels, shoot a couple Sentinels, put a few boxes on the Banshees.

And take 26 minutes for my turn. Like I do.

Then it gets interesting. He can’t get to me, but disrupts my Stormclad and kills a couple of Lances.

Perfect time for Stryker to yolo his way through the game. Both Banshees are at his flag. I make way for Stryker, put Ragman into place, do the overload… and forget the pathfinder from the Piper. Stryker is behind a wall, so he walks over and casually whacks both Banshees (P+S 28 will do that for you).

I have to use the last focus to Velocity to the flag to score 2 points. So I have no focus and 4 boxes left.

I will die and lose the game. Or so I thought.

My opponent proceeds to shoot Stryker twice with Kaelyssa, and does manage 1 more box. He didn’t want to risk another shot, as he had to cast Phantom Hunter. Discordia moved in and tried the spray – and missed.

Somehow I survived this. Amazing. He contested, so I cleared both Arcanists and score up to 4-0. Since Gibbs had been to far away the turn before, I used his Hot Meal action now and Stryker was full again.

Alas – when I switched the clock, I had only 13 seconds on mine. So all he had to do was contest my flag, switch the clock and I’d lose.

He shot me with Eiryss and started shoving every model he could towards his flag. The first two or three models I thought “Well, I could clear this in 13 seconds.” But in the end it was too much.

He flips the clock to me and as he does that I realize, my own flag is unattended and within running range of Stryker.

So he runs. And I win.


I should not have won that game. By all accounts, Stryker shouldn’t have survived on that 4 boxes.

But yolo’ing throught those Banshees and winning the game at literally the last second was a fantastic way to end Stryker’s first game.

Round 2 – The “Wasn’t Haley 2 supposed to be the best caster in the game?” Game

I get a Cygnar mirror and my opponent brings Haley 2/Haley 3 (Jarle’s lists). We play Outlast. He drops Haley 2, and I of course draw Stryker again – not even thinking about dropping Siege.

I win the roll and after some deliberation I let him go first and choose sides. This way, I can score first. I know what the Haley list can do, so I can make sure he won’t score on my second turn.

He moves up a little. Thorn goes into the left zone, Firefly and his horses move towards the right zone. But not far enough for my Lances to threaten either of them. Stormwall gets Arcane Shield and moves up the middle.

That forest in the middle is great. I move Firefly, Stryker, Stormclad, Gibbs, Ragman, Piper behind it – setting up for turns to come. Horses go into the zones. I stay outside of his horses threat.

Now things get interesting – and in retrospect, this is where he loses the game. His horses and Firefly move up, edging the zone. All 3 Lances are in charge range of my right unit of Lances.

Thorn goes into the other unit, but doesn’t do any damage. Haley channels an Arcane Bolt through him into Laddermore – but she is ARM 19 (Deceleration) and has 10 boxes, so his hope of unhorsing her was slim to begin with. He Reaction Drives deeper into the unit.

Stormwall moves up, kills a horse, puts out Covering Fires. His Firefly shoots my Stormclad, because I was dumb enough to leave Gibbs next to it. Gibbs nearly dies on the leap.

My turn 2. His horses die to mine. I reposition upfield, so that my Lances put their ass on the edge of the zone, trying to prevent him from contesting.

The other Lances unit trivially kills Thorn (with Ragman’s help) – repositions deeper into the zone.

Stryker feats, moves back to be safe from a trampling Stormwall – keeps his Focus. Firefly shoots the ‘wall, because Ragman and Colbie stand next to it. Ragman lives, Colbie dies. Stormclad goes forward, shoots the ‘wall as well – Ragman dies.

Feat move – Stormclad whacks the ‘wall once, does a few boxes. Lances move toward the Ironclad, that is holding the zone. The rest slightly shuffles around.

I score 1 point in the right zone.

His turn 3. Stormwall doesn’t kill the ‘clad. Firefly tries to finish it – he survives with 1 box. He kills one horse with the Ironclad.

And he forgets to feat. And he doesn’t put a pod into the right zone to contest – so I score a 2nd point on his turn.

My turn 3. I kill the Ironclad, run Stryker into that zone and win the game.


Haley 2 is not that hard to beat if your opponent forgets to feat. But to be honest, he lost the game, when he gave away the Lances AND Thorn. In retrospect, I probably could have overloaded Stryker on feat turn, put Pathfinder on him and charge (and wreck) the Stormwall, even with Arcane Shield. Dice and charge lanes willing I might have gotten the Ironclad as well – which would have left him with Junior, the Firefly, Squire and Haley.

So – 2 games. 2 wins. On to the finals!

Round 3 – The “So this is what Finals look like” Game

We are 3 undefeated players – me, @Kriegsspiele and jetelu. I get Khador and he only has 1 Harkevich list with him. I drop Stryker into it.

We play Recon. I let him go first and choose the side with the big obstruction. Bad idea.

He casts Mobility and runs up as far as he can. I don’t run that far and stay outside of his threat ranges.

3 Kodiaks trample forward, drop their clouds and Reposition outside of them. All of his jacks are teaming up in the center of the board, waiting for Stryker to go in and play.

I don’t. Once unit of Lances goes in, tying up the jacks. The rest moves back a little.

He clears the Lances on that side, kills the objective and kills Ragman – who was in trample range of one Kodiak. Harkevich toes the zone – he goes up to 3-0.

I can’t win on attrition anymore. But I do have a lane to Harkevich. If I survive both Overload AND a freestrike from the Kodiak.

Stormclad and Thorn can’t kill the Kodiak. Inexplicably I don’t charge in Piper and Gibbs (who has crit brutal damage on his club), but just move them out of the way.

Stryker feats. Velocities 6” forward (if I had parked Stryker like 5-6 mm further forward, I would only have had to Velocity for 4” instead of 6’’) – gets the free strike and has to reduce it.

I overload – for +8 (P+S 23) and take less damage than the 12 boxes I have left.

I charge Harkevich with P+S 23 and 2 Focus. Hit his DEF 16 on the charge and do 6 damage (after reduce). I have 1 Focus left and decide to buy an attack – I need 9 to hit. And miss.

Remaining Lances run, so that with the feat move I can get 2 onto Harkevich.

Stryker hits the hard 9 on the feat attack – does another 6 boxes.

1 horse hits (because back arc) – does another 3 boxes (I think).

Last horse – needs a 9. Doesn’t hit.

I concede.


I shouldn’t have let him start. I was way to conservative with everything. I should have put much more pressure on him early on. So I never really threatened him and he was able to run roughshot over my models.

Better dice rolls on the overload and charge would have sealed me the win – but thats dice, nothing I can do about it.

Final thoughts:

I came in 3rd overall. Winning that last game would have netted me my first tournament win. But alas…

Stryker 2 is bonkers good and I will enjoy playing him his next 7 games. He is a serious armor cracker with all the buffs I can apply – Firefly, Ragman, Positive Charge, Laddermore, Overload. Even an Arcane Shielded Stormwall would easily go down to Stryker himself.

3 comments to Fratzengeballer

  • Testy  says:

    Isnt the rule in the steamrolers packet that you have to have at least 15 seconds on your clock. So when he pust the clock over to you and you just have 13 seconds you loose automaticly ?

    • Frank Richter  says:

      Normally yes – but if I can manage to fulfill one of the win conditions in those 13 seconds, I win. In this case I was able to run to my own flag in those 13 seconds, thus at the end of my turn I scored to 5-0. I specifically raised this point with the judge before he started his turn – as we had the same understanding, that all my opponent needed to do was do some stuff and flip the clock back.

  • Fratzengeballer 2  says:

    […] club (Headblast in Oberhausen) held a small Steamroller, the second edition of the Fratzengeballer (#1 was back in January). 18 people came and we decided to try the SR 2017 rules. Since I was too lazy to assemble a few […]

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