A short autobiography

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I was born January 6th, 1978. 40 years ago, today.

I was born behind the iron curtain in the former GDR. I tried learning a few instruments in school back then. Never stuck with one. I played Volleyball for 4 years in school. And Basketball as an adult. I am a wargamer. I travelled all over Europe for my hobby in the past 5 years. I love keeping records and I am good with numbers. I have excel sheets for and keep track of numerous things in my life. My weight, my spending, my car.

I am a writer. I don’t write enough. I want to retire a writer, not an employee. I have travelled the east coast of Australia. I don’t know when the last time was where I cried. I never shoplifted. I never smoked a joint. I did smoke a few cigarettes over the years though. Mostly when I am really drunk. But I can’t remember the last time I was that drunk. I like whiskey.

I have suffered from depression and (mostly social) anxiety for most of my life. Currently I am in therapy for that. I was never in a relationship. I am very particular about the way I eat a meal. The stuff I don’t like very much gets eaten first, so I can leave the good stuff to the end. I don’t like fast food restaurants like McDonalds anymore. But if I eat there, I always eat the fries first, before I eat the burger. I don’t care much for salad. I make a good parmesan chicken. I once stood in full sunlight at midnight.

I have watched the show “The West Wing” from start to finish – at least 8 times so far. I have lost count of the number of tv show episodes and movies I have watched in my life. I own north around 1.000 books and e-books. Roughly 40% of that I haven’t read yet. The Japanese have a word for that – Tsundoku. I crushed a vertebrae when I was 19. I am still waiting for a security monitor at an airport to go off on the metal I still have in my back.

In high school I wanted to become a journalist. Like Clark Kent. I was the editor in chief for the school newspaper. Also in high school I wanted to emigrate to the US. So far I haven’t set foot on US soil. I have held both a crocodile and a koala in my hands, and had a python around my neck.

I suffer from frequent headaches and migraines – for which I haven’t found the source. I like my voice when I have a cold. I can’t stand to hear my voice on a recording. I hate brussel sprouts. I nearly always order the exact same thing when going to certain takeout joints in my neighborhood. There was a time in my life when I used to order 2 pizzas just for myself. When I was a kid, me and my friend wanted to become long distance truck drivers. I learned Russian in school. I don’t speak a word of it anymore.

I love both summer and winter, but I hate extreme heat. I am a good driver. Finally bought my first car nearly 4 years ago. I moved 5 times in my life. My dad bought the house I grew up in before I was born and still lives there. My mom passed away over 12 years ago. I am not sure I have gotten over it by now. I remember a time without the internet. Right now I couldn’t imagine the world without it. I only skipped school one time. It was to go to West Berlin with my parents, a couple of weeks after the wall came down. I had a very happy childhood. Until things got weird in puberty. Most of my anxiety comes from that time. I think.

I would love to know how to play an instrument. Piano. Guitar. Or Saxophon. I like jazz, but couldn’t name you more than a few pieces. I have good memory. The number of trivial things I keep in my head far outweighs the important things I remember. I absolutely hate it when I wake up just a minute before the alarm goes off. I like to be alone. I like speaking English more than German sometimes. I can think and dream in English.

I would love to live long enough to see humans settle Mars or even leave the solar system. I am fascinated by the concept of immortality, but I am not entirely sure I want to be immortal. I don’t believe in god. I do believe there is life outside earth though. I sometimes wonder how the world would look without religion. I find it easier to say “I love you” in English, than in German. I don’t like advertising. I work in an advertising agency. I love vintage stuff. Especially vintage advertising signs.

When I am in the company of others I can seem to not enjoy myself. Mostly I have a really good time when I look like that. I am right handed, but do certain things with my left hand. I am color blind to a certain extend. I hate it when people immediately ask what color item X is upon learning that fact. I once got in trouble for throwing green cherries at moving cars. I never gotten in a fight in my adult life. I hate it that in a dream, I can’t seem to run really fast or throw a proper punch. I have a variety of “happy place” fantasies ready to go in my head for when a depressive phase kicks in.

I have a good sense of orientation. It irritates me when other people don’t have that same sense. I find 20th century history fascinating. If I could afford it, I would probably own a Citroen DS from the 1970s. The french “Fantomas” movies used to give me nightmares, when I was 6 years old. I am still have friends that I know from kindergarten. I am terrible a keeping in touch with people.

I hate it when a good show or book ends and I have to leave the world of that story. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars. I am good at making plans, but rarely follow through on them. There aren’t that many good photographs of me, let alone recent ones (that is why there are none in this blog post). One of my dream jobs would be Top Gear presenter. I could see myself driving around in supercars and goofing of with my friends on television for an hour. I don’t like riding rollercoasters. I has been over 4 years since I have done a proper summer vacation.

I once paid a street hustler 30 bucks. He was trying to sell some music CDs. I am still angry that I did that. I would like to learn how to salsa. There is a whole list of things I could put in that sentence too. My favorite cake is the carrot cake my mom made. I once backpacked through Scotland for 3 weeks. I play golf, albeit not often enough. I went to university for 4 years, but I don’t have a degree.

There is probably a million things I would like to put in here – yet I can’t think of them.

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