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Flash Fic Challenge – Random Photos

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And here is another try to resurrect my blog. Today I try it with participating in another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig.

The task was to find 3 random photos on Flickr, and incorporate them into a story. Somehow I ended up with these 3:

So I rummaged around in my head for a few minutes and then banged out this piece. Its 994 words. Enjoy.

Very slowly, Sam took the lid off the glass casing. He held his breath for a second and waited for any alarms to go off. Nothing. Apparently he had cut off the right wire.

Now he put the lid down, careful not to trip one of the lasers down there...

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Flash Fiction – Follow up

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Today Chuck Wendigs Flash Fiction challenge ended and here are the results:

Nearly 30 writers responded to Wendigs challenge and submitted stories. You can find my entry here:

But also check out the other stories. There is some great stuff there!

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Flash Fiction Challenge

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Chuck Wendig over on issued a challenge for authors to write a piece of flash fiction inspired by the discovery of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey, which he left there over a hundred years ago.

This is what I came up with. Bear in mind, that this is fresh off the printing presses, with no editing whatsoever:

When I read about the case of Scotch they found in the ice, I immediately thought of that box my brother and I buried in the backyard over twenty years ago. There is nothing fancy like really old whiskey in it, but it is just as valuable to us as those bottles are.

I was 5 and he was 8 when we buried it, under the old apple tree in the farthest corner of the yard...

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