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A short autobiography

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I was born January 6th, 1978. 40 years ago, today.

I was born behind the iron curtain in the former GDR. I tried learning a few instruments in school back then. Never stuck with one. I played Volleyball for 4 years in school. And Basketball as an adult. I am a wargamer. I travelled all over Europe for my hobby in the past 5 years. I love keeping records and I am good with numbers. I have excel sheets for and keep track of numerous things in my life. My weight, my spending, my car.

I am a writer. I don’t write enough. I want to retire a writer, not an employee. I have travelled the east coast of Australia. I don’t know when the last time was where I cried. I never shoplifted. I never smoked a joint. I did smoke a few cigarettes over the years though. Mostly when I am really drunk...

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