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SPIEL ’13 in Essen

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Every year in October board game fans from all over the world descent on Essen in Germany. 30 years ago the international gaming days were first held. It is the largest gaming fair in the world and in recent years well over 100.000 people come to Essen.

I first went there in 2002, and have been there nearly every year. In 2003 Alex and I first saw WARMACHINE at the fair and spontaneously bought two starter sets.  In 2004 and 2005 we helped out at the booth of Privateer Press.

Essen is a yearly fixture on my calendar, even if I skipped a couple of them. This year I actually planned my visit a little more. In recent years I started to read a few comics, either on recommendation or because I got them as gifts. So I had a look before the fair to decide which comics I wanted to pursue. Parallel to the gaming fair ComicAction is held. Comic book authors and artists are there as well as a bunch of stores selling all kinds of comics.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to procure the top items on my list – namely the second volume of Kevin Smith’s run of Green Hornet and the second volume of The Shadow in Trade Paperback. Yet I still managed to haul about 120€ worth of comics away from the fair.

This is my haul:


2 Rocketeer hardc...

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Before Writing

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There is this thread on the Absolute Write Forums:

And that reminded me of some of my early exploits. One of the earliest stories I can remember writing, was the sequel to a book I read – I don’t quite remember the title, but it was about a bunch of kids that some discover that they are alone on the space ship they were travelling on. No adults in sight, so they had to fend for themselves. I got maybe a page or two of that sequel down. I remember making up a huge number for the distance they traveled and I remember my mom questioning that with something like “You think it is a good idea?”.

What I also remember is that I always had problems with school writing assignments. Some times I even got my mom to write some for me...

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Hollywood is out of ideas

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Shocker … I know. But I just read this list:

And it is sad, really. Anything that made halfway decent money the past few years is getting a sequel. Why, Hollywood? Why? Some movies really, really don’t need a sequel. The Matrix is a prime example. Perfect standalone movie, yet after it became a hit, the Wachovskys were quick to tell everyone who didn’t wanna hear it “yeah, we planned it as a trilogy”. Bullshit.

And there are movies on this list, which never should have been put in front of an audience in the first place, let alone get a sequel.  “Clash of the Titans” for instance. It has been a while since I got out of a movie so angry I wanted to punch someone...

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