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Flash Fiction – Follow up

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Today Chuck Wendigs Flash Fiction challenge ended and here are the results:


Nearly 30 writers responded to Wendigs challenge and submitted stories. You can find my entry here:


But also check out the other stories. There is some great stuff there!

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Flash Fiction Challenge

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Chuck Wendig over on TerribleMinds.com issued a challenge for authors to write a piece of flash fiction inspired by the discovery of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey, which he left there over a hundred years ago.

This is what I came up with. Bear in mind, that this is fresh off the printing presses, with no editing whatsoever:

When I read about the case of Scotch they found in the ice, I immediately thought of that box my brother and I buried in the backyard over twenty years ago. There is nothing fancy like really old whiskey in it, but it is just as valuable to us as those bottles are.

I was 5 and he was 8 when we buried it, under the old apple tree in the farthest corner of the yard...

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