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[Review] Star Trek Beyond

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“To use a parlance with which you would be familiar, Doctor, I have just confirmed that theory to be horseshit.”

I never thought I’d hear the word horseshit come out of Spocks mouth, but there we are. But lets back it up a bit.

Its 1966 and a new show is on the air. Its about a starship, the final frontier and exploring strange new worlds and new civilisations.

Between then and 2016 that show has spawned 13 movies, 4 more television shows (with over 620 episodes), 1 animated show and hundreds of books (I own about 100 of them).

This year marks the 50th anniversery of Star Trek and what better way to celebrate it with another movie.


The plot is something original this time, not an origin story as 2009’s Star Trek was or retreading familiar territory with 2013’s Star Trek Into ...

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Hollywood is out of ideas

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Shocker … I know. But I just read this list:

And it is sad, really. Anything that made halfway decent money the past few years is getting a sequel. Why, Hollywood? Why? Some movies really, really don’t need a sequel. The Matrix is a prime example. Perfect standalone movie, yet after it became a hit, the Wachovskys were quick to tell everyone who didn’t wanna hear it “yeah, we planned it as a trilogy”. Bullshit.

And there are movies on this list, which never should have been put in front of an audience in the first place, let alone get a sequel.  “Clash of the Titans” for instance. It has been a while since I got out of a movie so angry I wanted to punch someone...

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