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Vintage Posters

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As you know, I am kind of digging vintage stuff. Recently I came across something on Twitter: – You can download vintage ads, movie posters and more for free. Everything is in a high resolution, high enough to print stuff. I guess I will have a look if there is something that can go on my wall.

Which reminds me to finally hang up the two metal signs I have lying around. I’ll post pictures once I do.

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I am back!

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One of my earlier posts was titled “Procrastination is a bitch” … and that is still true. I still haven’t managed to make it my bitch, so here goes another try.

Lots has happened in the meantime in publishing. Self publishing gets more and more press. More and more writers try it. Another major ebook dealer opened a shop in Germany – Sprechen Sie Kobo?.

I wrote very little in the past few month, but now I am trying to get back into it and get some words down on the page.

I have also expanded a little in the social media field, since Google+ opened its doors a few weeks back.


You can read my Twitter stream here on this blog (right side) … if you want to follow me go here:


And of course there is the blog. But you already know that, since you are reading it right now...

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