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“Is it a bird? Is it a … plane?”

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So I started painting a few pulp minis in recent days. Once I have proper pictures of them, I will post them.

When I was a kid, my brother, my dad and I build a few model airplanes. One of these sets survived the past 25-30 years unassembled. And its perfect for pulp gaming:


All I now need to do is assemble that thing.

How hard can it be?

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Vintage Posters

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As you know, I am kind of digging vintage stuff. Recently I came across something on Twitter: – You can download vintage ads, movie posters and more for free. Everything is in a high resolution, high enough to print stuff. I guess I will have a look if there is something that can go on my wall.

Which reminds me to finally hang up the two metal signs I have lying around. I’ll post pictures once I do.

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The Car

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So as you might have guessed, I have kind of a thing for vintage and retro stuff. This car is right up my alley and if I had the money, I’d probably throw in a bid for the auction.

Its a 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive Study – so its a one of a kind thing. It has a 200 hp V8 engine and is basically just one of the most gorgeous cars I have ever seen.

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